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To answer for a lot of “How” questions for cyclist

Try 30-minute Cycling Daily to Build Your Body

30 minute cycling on a daily basis, will not only help you build stamina and leg muscles, but it can also help tone your abs, stomach, laps and buttocks, giving you an all-round flexibility your body deserves. If you want to build leg muscle for instance, you should consider riding uphill because it requires pushing […]

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4 secrets to choose the right bike?

With so many different types of bicycle, we will get confusedthat what kind of bike is the right bike for us to get the bestcycling experience, especially for those who haveallodoxaphobia. Choosing the right bike actually needs ourcareful pre-work at the first place. Only learning where you rideand why you ride can you find the […]

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Top 5 Cycling Trails in Orlando, FL

Orlando is a great city for both avid and casual cyclists alike. Being part of the rails to trails project, Orlando has already begun converting a multitude of old railroads into cycling paths.In the general Orlando area there are a handful of trails that stand out as the best in the area, and arguably the […]

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Is Wearing a Helmet While Biking Always Necessary?

Image via victorcamilo from FlickrAcross the United States, the legality of wearing a bicycle helmet varies While there is no federal law requiring you to protect yourself with a helmet while riding, at present, 22 states (including the District of Columbia) maintain statewide laws. In all of Alabama, for example, cyclists under the age of 16 […]

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Reasons Why Bike Riding Is Good For You

When buying your next set of wheels, consider getting a bicycle. While cars are fast and exhilarating, riding a bicycle has far more benefits to your health, your wallet, and the environment. Clocking some mileage on your bike can help you lose weight, enjoy your natural surroundings, and commute faster to work. Furthermore, riding a bicycle […]

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The Ultimate Guide for the Bike Riding Beginner

Quick Navigation Purchase a high-quality bikeEnsure the bike is the right fit for youPace yourselfLearn how to change a flatEat well and stay hydratedChange positions while ridingLearn how to shift gearsConclusion Invented close to 200 years ago, the bicycle has become an urban staple that is loved by children and commuters alike. Commuting on a […]

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Knowing When to Replace Bike Tires to Ensure the Best Performance

The tires of your bike have the most significant effect when it comes to performance and handling. It’s possible to have the highest quality brakes, shifters, and frame, but your bike will still handle poorly if your tires are no longer suited for the terrain. Since bike tires can be very expensive, most cyclists would rather […]

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How to Ship a Bike

Picture this: you’re all set for the next cycling trip with your buddies in this awesome location a long distance away from your home. You already planned your riding route, prepared all the necessary gear, and even thought of what to call your next big adventure so you have something to name your online album […]

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4 Ways to Carry a Child on Your Bike

In the past, carrying a child while riding a bike was generally viewed as a bad idea. After all, bikes were meant to be ridden solo or with another adult. The most common option was to have them stand on the back, with feet on the pegs. I can’t help but think this option can be […]

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