Hey there, my name is Robert, a cycling junkie from the US who lives and breathes cycling. I take on all forms of cycling – road, off-road, trail, etc. and have built up a big collection of different bikes to show off.

I do cycling for a number of reasons:

1) To keep myself fit and active both physically and mentally

2) For the pure enjoyment of it

3) I also love the competitive and challenging side, competing in competitions, and undertaking distance challenges.

My cycling adventures are not limited to the US and have in fact, cycled around most of the well-known cycle routes worldwide.

I wanted to put my knowledge and experience to good use by creating the Cyclist Challenge website where I can both encourage and train riders of all levels so they can have the same cycling experience I have been lucky enough to have.

I truly believe that cycling has something in it for everyone regardless of their ability, age, etc. and that’s why I want to free cycling information and training as accessible and as easy as possible for people to digest.

If you want to get in touch with me personally over a cycling matter or this site, please do so via the contact page.