4 secrets to choose the right bike?

With so many different types of bicycle, we will get confusedthat what kind of bike is the right bike for us to get the bestcycling experience, especially for those who haveallodoxaphobia. Choosing the right bike actually needs ourcareful pre-work at the first place. Only learning where you rideand why you ride can you find the suitable bike and get theoptimal cycling experience.

1.Knowing where and why you ride.

Anyone who loves cycling knows that there are four basic typesof bicycle: city bikes are the most common mode of transport;mountain bikes; trail bikes and road bikes.Riding on different types of roads needs different types ofbicycle and we also need various types of bikes based ondifferent cycling purpose. You see, some people like mountaincycling, some prefer racing and some just want to commute inthe city. They need different bikes to get the optimal cyclingexperience.


For example, city bikes are optimized for urban commuting asits reasonably quick and solid features and it is fit for use in allweather conditions in the rough and tumble urban road.

If you enjoy the adventure journey and you like riding in thebumpy terrain areas, a mountain bike is a better choice for youto conquer it. Mountain bikes are used for off-road cycling andthat’s why it has the features of sturdiness, hard-wearingquality. And all its components are designed to resist tumbleconditions: wide flat handlebars, bigger axle, powerful discbrakes, high-tech front fork, fat tires with a low-pressure andheavier-weight frame.

Road bikes are usually used for competitive road racing, so it’sdesigned for maximizing the speed: drop and narrowhandlebars, as-light- as-possible frame, narrow and high-pressure tires and deep-section- shape-rims brakes to lowerwind resistance and focus on the speed.

Once you know your cycling reason and the places where youride, you can choose the basic type: city bikes, mountain bikes,trail bikes or road bikes. And then we can go to the next step.


Usually budget is the first thing some people consider to buy anew bike as it goes without saying that bikes can be veryexpensive. They range from a hundred dollars to thousands ofdollars based on different types, brands, functions,components, quality, materials and other changeable factors.

Basically, the more expensive the bike is, the betterperformance it has. The performance of a $100 bike is notcomparable to that of a $1000 bike, let alone its cyclingexperience. Therefore, the better cycling experience you want,the higher you need to pay. Usually, the basic metal frame ofthe low range bike is heavier and the frame of high rage bike isthe lightest one, such as carbon fiber and titanium frame whichwill perform better.

Before deciding to buy the bike, think about that how often youare going to ride the bike as well as how long you keep thebike. If you want to ride to work every day and each day youneed to ride for a long distance, go and get a higher qualityone. Although it is more expensive, think about it in this way: ifthe bike costs you $1000 dollars, and you are going to ride 10miles a day, 300 days a year for 3 years, it only costs you about$1.1 a day and $0.11 each mile of your transportation. What abargain you can enjoy excellent cycling experience everyday!

So I strongly recommend you to buy the best one you canafford. Believe me, you won’t regret to buy an expensive onewhen you enjoy the optimal cycling experience. You can alsofind a decent and affordable second-hand bike if you don’t careit much.


The frame, just like the heart to human, is the core of a bike.The most money we pay is spent on its frame. The frames ofbikes vary from steel, aluminum to carbon fiber, high-techtitanium, and there even is a bamboo frame which is uniqueand environmentally friendly. Different materials can makeframes with different features. Based on which feature you arelooking for, you can choose the frame which suitable for yourneed.


An aluminum frame can make a stiff and light bike, and theprice is lower relatively, but you may feel a little harsh whencycling on rough roads. A steel frame is usually used in atouring bike which the weight doesn’t count much. Heavierthough it is, its comfort and durability are undeniable. A framemade of carbon fiber is lighter and stiffer than the frame madeof steel or aluminum, and it makes the bike goes faster. And atthe same time, it’s more expensive than the other two, whichmakes it a choice of high-rank bikes. A titanium frame is verysuitable for making a road bike for it is the lightest and mostdurable one while its anti-corrosion is rather strong.

4.Buy a bike which fits you.

There are many sizes of a bike and it’s a very basic thing toconsider when buying a new bike. You may think that all thosenumbers and charts are boring and maybe difficult tounderstand, but the right size of the bike does play a vital rolein the comfort and enjoyment of your cycling.


If you can understand the size charts and numbers, you can findsome basic measurements like your arm length, your leginseam and your torso length. And then figure out the bike toptube you need: basically, your suitable top tube length is yourtorso length adding your arm length, divide the result by two,and that subtract six. And then you can consult some sizecharts and numbers. If you are not sure about it, ask for advicefrom the local bicycle shop. They will be willing to help you.

The tube length you figure out is just a reference value. Themost important thing is to try it on your own. When you areactually on the bike, your feeling will tell you whether it’s theright size for you. And you can adjust the height of your seat oryour handlebars to get fitter. Only after some trials and errorscan we find out the right bike.

Choosing the right bike actually is the first step for us to enjoyour cycling journey. And the best bike, in fact, is the one suitsyou the most. Considering what type of bike you need, howmuch you are gonna pay, which frame you want and what isthe right size for you first, it’s easier for us to get our ideal bike.Whatever bike you choose, don't forget to get yourself ahelmet to keep safe.

I really hope this passage will help you to some extend.

Robert Parker

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